Science Cafe

Welcome to the Science Cafe of TMU! 

Science Cafes are lively events that take place in an informal space, such as coffeehouses. These events are open to everyone, and feature an engaging conversation with scientists or experts in a particular topic.

Our goals:

Our goal is to welcome people who may or may not typically get involved with scientific discussions, and create a casual setting with a relaxed atmosphere where all participants feel encourage to participate. Our second goal is to promote our English Program, and provide a casual space for researchers from several disciplines to discuss science outside University. This way we expect to help fostering new collaborations among researchers, and we encourage dissemination of science to the local community.

In addition, thanks to chef John McEvoy, we provide a unique Food Menu for every event! You can check them out in past events.


We organise Science Cafe events once every two months. If you plan to join us, please check out our next event here below, and join us at Cafe Chocolate, 〒192-0364 Tokyo, Hachioji, Minamiōsawa, 2-chōme−18-6.

Upcoming Events:

Science Cafe vol. 5 (2024/09/13)

Speakers:  John Paul Matthew Guzman (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Science Cafe vol. 6 (2024/10/?)

Speakers: ...